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drvena kašika
19 October 2021

CBD Water

Thanks to nanotechnology, CBD is broken down into nanoparticles, due to which it is instantly absorbed in the body, which uses all its medicinal components at the same time.

30 July 2021

Juice or smoothie?

Whether you want to lose weight or just take care of your diet, you need to know that smoothies and juices do not have the same effect on us.

30 July 2021

Are supplements good for us?

There are numerous questions when it comes to exercise, proper nutrition and supplements that many people use...

06 May 2021

Prepare for the flu season

As you may know, with the shift of winter and spring, there is a cold and flu season ...

06 May 2021

Simple way to get the perfect balance in your body

How many times have you looked into the mirror, and felt unhappy with your appearance for any reason, and promised yourself that you will take more care of your health?