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Brazilian Green Propolis

drvena kašika


Brazilian Green Propolis

For a gorgeous and healthy smile

5,55 €

Brazilian green propolis

Why is it so special?

Brazilian green propolis is created in unpolluted rosemary and eucalyptus-rich fields. It is the only propolis containing artepilin-C that gives it a pungent taste and significantly greater efficacy. Only a special type of African bees can produce Brazilian green propolis with concentrated artepilin-C.


  • Natural antibiotic and antiviral important for fighting bacterial and viral infections of the oral cavity
  • Due to the strong anti-inflammatory effect of artepilin-C it reduces inflammation and bleeding of the gums and relieves pain in sensitive teeth
  • Significant adjunctive therapy for acute inflammatory processes of the oral cavity such as gingivitis and aphthous ulcers
  • Removes plaque and freshens breath
  • Contains herbal extracts that give it a unique and fresh taste


100% natural, no contraindications. Also suitable for children under 6 years.

Other details

Packaging: 60g

Product code: 003

Points: 0.06