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CBD Water

drvena kašika

19 October 2021

CBD Water



CBD is a medicinal cannabinoid, one of over 140 cannabinoids of the hemp plant, which has many benefits for human health. The World Health Organization has included CBD, as a plant extract, in the top 10 most healing ingredients from nature. CBD improves the general condition of the human body, primarily contributes to the balance of the hormone serotonin, helps with anxiety and depression, cardiovascular problems, lowers blood cholesterol and triglycerides, affects blood sugar levels, and is especially beneficial for people with multiple sclerosis or malignancy. diseases.


CBD water provides perfect hydration with its top quality and extremely strong taste. The combination of natural mineral alkaline water with CBD is a combination of two perfectly healthy components. Regular use of nanoalkaline CBD water will strengthen the immunity, rid the body of toxins and contribute to the improvement of the general condition of the organism.


We live surrounded by toxins

We inhale toxins

We produce toxins

We feed on toxins

We drink toxins

We carry toxins

Today's way of life - stress, improper diet, lack of sleep - contributes to the acidity of our body, creating an ideal environment for the development of various diseases. In contrast, alkaline elements contribute to the reduction of the acidity of the organism, ie. returning the organism to its natural - BASIC state. Alkaline CBD water with a PH value of 8.8 contributes to the alkalization of the human body, and in combination with CBD contributes to strengthening the immune system, helps to relax muscles, especially in anxiety, as well as to reduce body weight through the elimination of fat deposits. In a word, alkaline CBD water rids the body of all toxins.

By regularly consuming Botanikos nanoalkaline CBD water, you will return the organism to its basic state in the most natural way and reduce the possibility of various diseases. CBD water is not a cure, but it is the best prevention.

Knowing all of the above, we can proudly say that Botanikos nanoalkaline CBD water is the healthiest water on the market.